*See restrictions below

Dr. Scottsdale® and his team would like to remind you that your health and safety are our top priority and steps are being taken at our office. We're happy to announce that we're offering a new service: Tattoo Removal.


Work your abs with your quarantine buddy for $375 each
ABS BUDDIES. EmSculpt® is a non-surgical body contouring device that enhances your muscles while reducing fat with zero soreness. Only 30 minutes, perfect for a lunch break with a co-worker or friend. Bring a friend and workout your abs for $375 each (half off)!

ClearLift - Melasma, fine lines, and skin texture treatment

Buy 2, get one free - Save $400
ClearLift is our amazing laser that improves melasma, fine lines, and skin texture. ZERO DOWNTIME and NO PAIN! Best results after 3 treatments!

Get your lips ready for kisses with our Kysse filler

$650 instead of $750, save $100 and get a free lip plumper
FDA-approved lip filler by Restylane will add volume and definition to your lips!

Skincare Essential: 15% off Sunscreen

SPF is essential to your skincare routine, especially during summertime! Protect your skin, and reduce the risk of sun damage, like discolorations, dark spots, and wrinkles. We are offering clear and tinted sunscreen for body and face.

*Restrictions apply to all the offers. Offers are limited to 3 per person, valid until July 31st, 6 months to use the first treatment. Facial filler special only applies to services with Janneth, nurse injector.