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​​​​​​​Tax Season Specials

It's tax refund season and we make it better with our amazing surgical and non-surgical specials like Brazilian Butt Lift, Intimate Lightening Treatment, etc

Surgical ​​​​​​

$1,000 off chin liposuction and skin tightening
Get rid off your double chin while tightening your skin. Perfect to give definition to your jawline and look skinnier in no-time.


  • Intimate Lightening Treatment

$480 for 3 treatments instead of $600
Vaginal, anal or any skin lightening, we have the perfect solution: all-natural bleach cream. 100% safe for the skin, this 5 steps treatment will give amazing results with no downtime.

Save $500 and get a free slimming post-treatment kit
If you have stubborn fat in some areas, and don’t want to surgery? TruSculpt is the perfect solution! Non-surgical body contouring, this fat reduction technology will get rid off fat with no downtime.

Buy 4 treatments and get 4 free - same area only​​​

Are you frustrated from shaving or waxing over and over? Laser hair removal will permanently eliminate your hairs! 6 to 8 treatments are recommended.

  • Jawline Contouring

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Save $550 and get a free lip plumper
Give defintion to your jawline with filler injections.

Restrictions apply: Laser Hair Removal promotion is only available when buying 4 treatments for the same area, other offers are limited to 3 per person, valid until March 31, 6 months to use the first treatment, Surgical discount includes filming for educational purposes.