The Smart Choice For Hair Restoration

Strip Surgery vs. Smart Graft

SmartGraft uses FUE (follicular unit extraction) technology which can be one simple solution for hair loss in both men and women. The SmartGraft system was developed by a leading team of physicians, medical scientists, and engineers who understood the importance of helping to assist physicians with their FUE surgeries to give patients an alternative to the visible linear scarring that occurs with the traditional strip method.

What makes SmartGraft™ more efficient

SmartGraft™ streamlines efficiency by automatically counting, sorting, chilling, and moistening follicles as they are harvested, preserving their vitality. This hair loss device is equipped with a closed harvesting system, reducing air exposure to the harvested grafts and keeps them at the optimal temperature. Other technology, such as NeoGraft®, does not provide this safeguard. When follicles are harvested with NeoGraft®, they are placed in a petri dish, exposed to damaging air, and ideal temperature cannot be maintained.

The Smart Hair Loss Solution

Top hair transplant results using one of the world's most advanced FUE Hair Transplant Systems. No scalpels, stitches or linear scars. 100% natural-looking results with a one-day procedure.

Hair Transplant by Dr. Carlos Mata

Why Smart Graft Is Better

The Smart Graft procedure is a clinically proven, permanent solution that provides natural results without stitches, staples, linear scarring and damage to existing hair.

The Result? Precise, accurate graft dissection and placement so the procedure is virtually undetectable. Patients can expect natural-looking results without the side effects and long recovery times typical of traditional procedures.

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