to Follow Through

Adhering strictly to pre-surgical and post-surgical instructions is crucial for a successful outcome. Make sure you’re committed to following these guidelines for your healing and the success of the corrective procedure.

Adequate Healing Time Post-Original Surgery

It’s recommended to wait at least 6 months after your original blepharoplasty to ensure complete healing and stabilization 
of tissues before considering corrective surgery.

Emotionally Prepared

Corrective surgery can be emotionally challenging. Being emotionally stable and prepared for the journey ahead is essential. Remember, patience is vital during the recovery process.

Realistic Expectations

Understanding what corrective surgery can realistically achieve is essential. It’s important to be aware of the potential limitations and risks involved.

In Good Health

Being in overall good health is essential for a successful surgery 
and recovery. Make sure you don’t have any underlying health conditions that could complicate the process.

Experienced Specific Complications

If you’ve faced issues like asymmetry, excessive scarring, or functional impairments from your previous blepharoplasty, corrective surgery may be an option to address these concerns.