Most asked questions

What is the BMI requirement?

We don’t have a BMI requirement, but if the patient’s BMI is over 28 the procedure may be staged. Meaning, to achieve their goals more than one procedure will be required.

Do you take insurance?

No we don’t accept insurance. Only in few cases for breast reconstruction or septoplasty.

What are your financing options?

We have different financing options, we accept Care Credit, Alpheon and Patient Fi. We also offer 6 months payment plan.

How long after giving birth you can get surgery?

It depends, usually the patient needs to be done breastfeeding for at least 6 months. Your hormones levels need to be back to normal.

What are the health requirements?

You need to be healthy. If you have a health issue, you need medical clearance from your primary care doctor or specialist that is treating you. If you’re diabetic, your hemoglobin 81C needs to be controlled. And if you smoke, you need to be smoke free for one month.

Age limit?

No age limit at Natural Results Plastic Surgery! But under 18 years old you need parental consent.