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For women or men wishing for fuller lips, there are multiple solutions from non-surgical to surgical. Some solutions require maintenance with recurrent visits to the office and others are just a one-time thing. The lip enhancement can be accomplished with silicone implants, fat transfer, or fillers to add shape and volume to the lips. Scottsdale, AZ board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Carlos Mata offers different treatments and procedures to enhance your lips. A consultation is recommended to discuss the right options for you.

Lip Enhancement Options

  • Silicone Implants

Lip enhancement using implants places an implant according to the preferred size and shape that will increase volume in the lips. The result will look and feel natural, especially after several months when the implant is settled in its position. This is a permanent enhancement that may also be removed if the patient desires. Two implant types can be used: Advanta Lip, which uses a synthetic Gore-Tex material that offers a fuller result with a firmer feel; and PermaLip™, which is a solid silicone material that offers a soft, natural result. The incisions will be made on the outer corner of the mouth and the implant is inserted through a tunnel. The scars are concealed as the incisions are made along the natural lip line, and the sutures are so fine that once dissolved, they are unnoticeable. The procedure is performed in our Scottsdale, AZ surgical office under deep sedation.

  • Fat Transfer Injections

The fat deposits are harvested from the patient’s own body by means of liposuction. These collected fats are purified and reinstated with tiny syringes into the lips. Dr. Scottsdale® will take the extra measure of reinstating the fat tissues, slowly layering the filler to reshape the lips to meet the patient’s aesthetic desires. Learn more

  • Injectable filler

This is a popular way to enhance the lips in a non-surgical manner. Fillers are made from substances that are found naturally within the body such as hyaluronic acid. The result is realistic and looks and feels natural. Fillers produce beautiful results, however, they are considered short-term, and reinjection is advised every 6 to 12 months. Incisions are not necessary. The fillers are injected through a small, fine needle directly into the lips. No anesthesia is required, but our staff uses a dental block to numb the lips to prevent any discomfort or pain.

Lip Implant vs Fillers?

It depends. Both solid implants and injectable fillers have their advantages and disadvantages. Patients need to consider the longevity and maintenance of both options. Solid implants are permanent while injectable fillers need reinjection every 6 months. Patients may opt to see the effects a filler will have on the lips first and realize lip augmentation is not for them. The pros and cons of both may be discussed during the initial consultation.

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Lip Augmentation FAQs

How real does a lip implant look?

Technology today is able to design implants that produce great results when it comes to providing a natural look and feel. Optimal results are achieved when implants settle and integrate with the natural tissues of the lips. It is important to find a surgeon who has the necessary skills and experience when it comes to lip enhancement treatment.

Can I remove my lip implant?

Yes. Silicone implants are easier to remove than porous implants but both are removable with secondary surgery. Liquid fillers go away naturally over time as the substance is absorbed by the body, although a minimal fraction may be retained and may take a while before fully absorbed.

Will there be scars?

With implants, incisions are placed along the natural lip line and the scar will be barely noticeable. Fillers inserted by injection will not have any scars at all. It is important to take extra care of the surgery wounds according to doctor’s prescriptions to avoid any infections.