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Few people are born with fully proportioned features and the chin is no different. There are many different types, shapes, and sizes of chins. Scottsdale, AZ board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mata offers different treatments to achieve a realistic, and improved chin appearance. Chin Augmentation can be done surgically via chin implants, fat transfer, and non-surgically with filler.

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Chin Augmentation Different Technique


  • Chin Implant | Genioplasty

Implants come in different shapes and sizes. The procedure is performed under IV sedation (light) and consists of inserting an implant through a tiny incision underneath the chin. Dr. Mata, a.k.a. Dr. Scottsdale® uses silicone implants to mimic bone to create a stronger and more proportioned profile. The results are permanent and great for patients that need a mild to extensive correction.

  • Fat Transfer

Transferring fat to the chin is possible. Dr. Mata, a.k.a. Dr. Scottsdale® harvests the fat from your body via Vaser Liposuction, processes it to increase the retention rate (amount that will stay after recovery), and injects into the chin. This procedure is great for patients that need a subtle to mild correction. You cannot over-inject/ transfer fat, it can create complications such as a cyst. This is a long-term solution with minimal scarring.


  • Filler Injections

Hyaluronic acid injections aka fillers can help you achieve a stronger chin without downtime. Usually, more than one syringe is needed to add volume, and adding filler to the jawline can help improve your profile overall. The fillers are only temporary (1 to 2 years) with the exception of Bellafill that can last on average 5 years. No downtime except soreness for the first few days after the treatment.

Chin Augmentation Recovery

Recovery is about 3 to 5 days. The patient is not allowed to do any activities like exercising for 6 weeks. Numbness can be experienced surrounding the implant.

Neck Vaser Liposuction as a solution to achieve a strong chin?

Sometimes only doing neck lipo can enhance your chin. If there are excess fat deposits under the chin, which creates an impression of a double chin, liposuction can be sufficient as it defines the chin. Combining chin augmentation with neck lipo is better, and will give you amazing results.

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Chin Augmentation FAQs

Temporary Numbness?

Yes. With the implant and surrounding tissues adjusting to its new position, there will be a loss of sensation around the chin area and the skin around it will feel tighter than usual. This is an expected reaction post-surgery and shouldn’t be a cause of anxiety. Eventually, the sensitivity will return to normal, but it may take several months before the patient may regain sensation. The improvement will be gradual during the course of a year.

Obvious Scars?

The incisions made during a chin augmentation procedure are placed inconspicuously within the inside of the lip or under the chin, therefore, there is limited to no scarring that occurs with this procedure.

Mentoplasty vs. Genioplasty?

Mentoplasty is a procedure that adds fullness and shape to the chin. Genioplasty, on the other hand, is a surgical procedure that reconstructs the chin bone. Both procedures may be done at the same time as a combination surgery or as a single procedure depending on the patient’s chin condition and aesthetic goals. Genioplasty is not always cosmetic in nature as there are conditions in which the procedure resolves a patient’s bite or other medical concerns.