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Fat grafting, fat transfer, and fat injections are the same surgical process that consists in transferring fat from one body area to another. The fat transfer goal is to improve and/or augment the area where the fat is injected. Dr. Carlos Mata aka Dr. Scottsdale® performs the fat transfer procedure on different body parts.

What Is The Process To Harvest Fat For a Transfer?

Vaser Liposuction is the technique that Dr. Scottsdale® uses to harvest the fat. The fat can be harvested from pretty much any body area, but the most common areas are the abdomen, flanks, back, arms, and thighs. The areas of lipo vary depending on the patient’s fat distributions, goals, expectations, and the amount needed for the transfer.

Before starting liposuction, the area of lipo is numbed with a tumescent solution to reduce bleeding and pain. The second step is the use of Vaser, an ultrasonic wave device, to melt the fat cells: it creates smoother results. To finish, Dr. Scottsdale® uses a Power Assisted Liposuction System to remove the extra fat. The fat is collected and filtered in a special closed sterile system to guarantee a good survival rate.

Which Areas Can You Transfer Fat?

Fat transfer can be transferred to multiple and different areas of the body and face. Here are the most common areas:

  • Fat Transfer To Breast

Transferring fat to the breast helps patients increase their breast’s size, and add fullness without an implant. On average, you can gain up to one cup size per fat transfer session. If you are looking to achieve a bigger breast, multiple sessions will be necessary. Learn more

  • Hips & Buttocks Fat Transfer

Fat transfer to the buttocks a.k.a Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure used to increase the size of patients' hips & buttocks by transferring their own fat. Dr. Scottsdale® uses the Safer technique to reduce the risk of complications. The treatment is very popular and gives patients great results by creating and improving curves. Learn more

  • Hands Fat Transfer

With aging, hands can lose volume and wrinkles can appear. The fat transfer to the hands helps re-contour & smooth the skin. This corrective and rejuvenating hand treatment consists of transferring a small amount of fat to regain volume and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Penis Girth Enhancement

For men that are concerned about the size of their penis and would like to improve it, fat transfer is a solution. This treatment entails harvesting fat from the patient's body and transferring it to the penis. The goal is to add width, girth, and overall size to the penis. This is a permanent solution. Dr. Scottsdale always advised his patients to try the Magic Shot™ procedure before doing a fat transfer to the penis. Learn more about the Magic Shot™

  • Labia Majora

Aging, childbirth, or even genetics can affect the volume of your labia majora. Transferring fat to that area will return and/or add volume to enhance the overall appearance of the vagina. Learn more

  • Fat Transfer To Lips

More permanent solution than filler injections, the fat transfer transforms your lips by adding volume. After the liposuction of a donor area, the fat is purified and injected with tiny syringes into the lips. Learn more, here

  • Cheeks Augmentation by Fat Transfer

This procedure will correct the appearance of the cheeks and mid-face by adding volume and smoothing wrinkles. The results will be smooth and natural. Learn more, here

  • Chin & Jawline

Fat transfer to the chin and/or jawline is possible. Dr. Scottsdale® injects the harvested fat into the chin and/or jawline to add volume. The overall goal is to give the patient a strong and better facial profile. Learn more, here

Corrective Fat Transfer

Not happy about the scar or results from a previous surgery? Indent? Atrophic scars? Fat transfer can help correct some of these problems. If your previous surgeon removed too much fat via lipo and/or left irregularities giving you indents, transferring fat can help correct it. The lack of volume can be improved by transferring small amounts of fat to these specific areas. The same technique can be used on atrophic scars, scars that create indentations in the skin. Transferring fat to an atrophic scar, after releasing it with a special instrument, can help improve the appearance of the scar and restore lost volume.

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