Butt Implant Overview

Dr. Carlos Mata, a.k.a. Dr. Scottsdale®, a board-certified plastic surgeon, is proud to help patients like you achieve desired firmness and shape in the buttock area with silicone butt implants. Get ready to feel comfortable in a bathing suit or lingerie with your sexiest shape yet!

Who is an ideal candidate for butt implants?

While a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure uses fat transfer from other areas of the body, the silicone butt implant procedure is designed for patients who may not have the extra fat. The implant can help you achieve your ideal shape. We don’t have a BMI requirement, and each patient needs to be seen by Dr. Mata, in an in-person consultation to determine their exact desired outcome.

How do butt implants work?

Dr. Carlos Mata performs the butt implant procedure under deep sedation in his sterile office, not at the hospital. He carefully reviews your exact aesthetic goals prior to surgery and reviews them again the morning of surgery.
During the butt implant surgery, Dr. Scottsdale® makes two 6cm incisions. The scars are hidden inside your buttock cleft (butt crack) and can easily be hidden with a thong or bathing suit. Then the implants are inserted. Dr. Mata’s will carefully close the incision and minimize the appearance of the scars.

What is the recovery for butt implants surgery?

Patients typically are instructed to wait six weeks to 3 months before resuming normal activity level, sitting on their buttock,s and exercising. The butt implant surgery prevents you from sitting on your butt for at least 6 weeks. Specific pillows are sold to help you during your recovery. Post-op care instructions are very important to allow the scar tissue to become strong to support your results long-term. Optimal results will be evident about 3 months after the procedure once your butt implants have had time to settle, swelling goes down and scars heal.

Butt Implants FAQs

Will my butt implant procedure leave a scar?

With well-placed incisions and medical-grade scar gel, patients of Dr. Carlos Mata see minimal scarring from their butt implant procedure.

How long will my butt implants last?

Our butt implant procedure is meant to last your lifetime and do not have to be replaced.

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