What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

​​​​​The Brazilian Butt Lift is a very popular cosmetic surgical procedure that enables patients to increase the size and improve the shape of their buttocks. This procedure makes it possible for patients with the flattest of rears to obtain a pert and voluptuous butt that is so desirable today.

Although there are some Brazilian Butt Lift procedures performed using implants, the most common technique is the use of fat transfer, which is also used in some breast augmentation procedures. Fat transfer is when fat is taken from another part of the patient’s own body, purified and then re-inserted back into the area being targeted. Dr. Mata aka Dr. Scottsdale is specialized in Safer Brazilian Butt lifts and Vaser Liposuction. This process includes the fat being transferred above the muscle.

What to expect from a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure

A Brazilian Butt Lift can be performed using either a general anesthetic, where you are completely asleep for the duration of the procedure, or through a combination of local anesthetic and a sedative. Dr. Mata aka Dr. Scottsdale will be able to decide which type of anesthetic to use depending on your individual circumstances.

A Safer Brazilian Butt Lift occurs in two parts. The first part of the procedure focuses on the liposuction to remove the fat from your body. This first includes the injection of tumescent, a saline solution and local anesthesia, to numb the area and reduce bleeding. Next Dr. Mata will rely on the use of Vaser, an ultrasound technology used to breakdown fat cells by sending out ultrasonic frequency waves. Vaser helps with reducing bleeding, melting the fat and potentially scar tissue if a revision case, and tightening the skin. Dr. Mata always relies on Vaser for his liposuction. Liposuction is typically taken from the waist or hips which helps to further enhance the appearance of your newly boosted booty. A long thin tube called a cannula which is attached to a vacuum is used to gently extract the fat from the body. Once removed, the fat is purified so that it is ready for the second stage of the treatment.

During the second stage, the purified fat is injected back into your buttocks in such a way that their size is increased, their shape is enhanced, and their overall appearance is improved. This is done by injecting the fat at different depths and massaging it into the relevant spaces. Through this technique, your experienced Scottsdale plastic surgeon will be able to create the look that you are hoping to achieve.

Recovery after a Brazilian Butt Lift

Although minimally invasive in nature, you should allow yourself some time to heal after a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. The area from which the initial fat was taken will be dressed in a compression bandage and left to heal with minimal scarring since the incisions used in liposuction are extremely small.

Your buttocks will also be covered in a compression garment which will help to minimize swelling and aid in healing. You will be advised not to rest directly on your buttocks for around six weeks as this could displace the fat and affect your overall result. You will be given advice on the best way to sit and it is recommended that you lie on your front while you sleep.

Some swelling and discomfort is completely normal for which you will be prescribed painkillers to help keep this under control. Be certain to take this as prescribed in order to prevent unnecessary suffering that could slow down the healing process. Every aspect of your recovery and aftercare will be discussed with you by your surgical team at Natural Results Plastic Surgery.


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