The Importance of Facial Balancing

​​​​​​​Everyone is constantly trying to pursue a unique type of balance in life. It could be eating a balanced diet or having a healthy work-life balance. But people forget to consider how vital facial balance is.

Unfortunately, many individuals are not satisfied or content with their faces. They feel their faces have a disproportion that may need some correcting. Here is the importance of facial balancing.

What Is Facial Balancing?

Facial balancing is achieving a proportional facial appearance by getting dermal fillers on your face. The procedure is not the same for every patient as it depends on your individual needs for your goals and facial features.

The treatment involves using varying quantities of dermal fillers for overall balancing of the face. It entails your specialist starting by cleaning the area that needs treatment. They can then use local anesthesia, anesthetic ointment, or numbing cream as a pain management treatment. After doing so, they will inject the dermal filler into the desired part of your face.

Treatment can take a few minutes or up to an hour. It depends on the number of parts on your face requiring treatment. They can finish by cleansing your skin and reducing your swelling using an ice pack.

Profile Balancing

Facial balancing can help correct facial features that appear imbalanced when viewed from the facial profile side. The treatment corrects this by focusing on every facial aspect that seems imbalanced from the side profile. Your specialist will treat imbalanced features such as cheeks, jawline, chin, lips, or nose.

Balancing Particular Facial Features

Some patients do not want treatment for all their facial features. They want specific parts of their face treated. They may feel that the features they have are not in the right proportion to their entire face. For example, someone might feel like their cheekbones and chin look smaller than the other features on their face.

Before your provider starts the treatment, they will need to assess your whole face. They will do so to determine the exact areas necessary to give you your desired results. The assessment helps ensure all your facial features remain well-balanced after the treatment.

Facial Proportions

Facial features can determine if your face has the proper proportion or not. Typically, a well-proportioned face should have its chin, nose, and forehead making up a third of the face. Patients who go for facial balancing are often concerned about having some parts of their face being out of the standard proportion. They desire the treatment for enhancement purposes.

Facial Symmetry

Most patients with facial symmetry concerns desire facial balancing to get a symmetrical look. A specialist can treat one side of their faces by adding dermal filler, helping give the face a balanced look.

Your treatment results’ longevity depends on the part of your face where you got the dermal fillers and how fast your body absorbs it. The dermal filler type you get determines how long your results will last.

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