The Best Sexual Enhancement Options for Women

​​​​​​​Many women will not discuss their sexual difficulties due to the aura of taboo around the issue. But these issues are real, and addressing them will help you regain your ability to enjoy sex. The good news is that there are various surgical and nonsurgical sexual enhancement treatments that will help you keep your sexual activity and performance high, boosting your self-confidence.

Here are some of those enhancement options.


A labiaplasty is a surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure. It reduces the length of the small inner vulva folds or labia minora. Labia minora that are asymmetrical or hang low can cause irritation and frequent itching. These problems may affect self-confidence and cause sexual difficulties.

Before your procedure, the doctor may spend some time interviewing and examining you. They do this to understand where their focus should be during the treatment. The doctor can concentrate on the labia minora, labia majora, clitoral hood, or all of the above.

After the procedure, your clitoris will have more exposure, allowing you more sexual pleasure. You will also experience comfort as you go about your daily activities. You will have no more irritation and pain as you wear tight pants or ride your bike.


Femilift is a minimally invasive procedure that uses laser technology to treat the skin in the vaginal canal. The technology is similar to fractional laser skin peeling and requires several treatments. Many people report positive results after their first treatment. It tightens the female genital tissue and treats the mucosa, improving sensitivity during sex. It also alleviates vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence.

It is an in-office procedure that lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. It also has no downtime or discomfort—you do not need to take time out from your daily activities. Femilift also helps with postdelivery rehabilitation, postmenopause indications, and recurring infections.

Libido Shot

The libido shot is an all-natural, noninvasive treatment. It improves urinary incontinence and female sexual dysfunction. The extraction for the libido shot is platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s blood. The doctor injects it directly into your clitoris, o-spot, vaginal wall, and urethra.

The injection stimulates tissue rejuvenation and improves sexual pleasure. You may need several injections. However, most patients experience improvements after their first shot. Since the procedure is minimally invasive, it has a fast recovery time. Hence, you can return to your daily activities as soon as possible.


Aging and childbirth can negatively affect the vaginal tissue. Thermiva is a nonsurgical means of restoring vaginal tightness. The procedure is gaining popularity due to its painless and nonsurgical nature.

It uses radiofrequency technology to rejuvenate collagen. The energy heats the soft tissues, stimulating the cells that produce collagen. Increased collagen improves the ability of the cells to lubricate the vagina and strengthens the vaginal walls. It also adds strength to the urethral muscles, improving incontinence.


Sexual difficulties are no longer a taboo topic. You can discuss these with your doctor, who can recommend different ways of dealing with them. The preferable procedure will depend on the severity of your situation. It may also depend on your preference.

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