Are Penile Injectable Fillers Permanent?

Many men feel self-conscious about the length and girth of their penis. A simple Google search will produce numerous sites offering different treatments, surgeries, exercises, drugs, diet, and everything in-between. Some of these solutions may be risky and involve an overwhelming level of commitment.

Thankfully, penile injectable fillers continue to gain attention. They are popular among men hoping to augment their penile girth. Despite the debate surrounding this procedure, the demand for it is increasing.

New advancements in the use of dermal fillers have led to a revolutionary breakthrough. Doctors can now inject the same FDA-approved products that enhance chins and cheeks into the penile head and shaft. The purpose is to increase the width and girth of the penis significantly.

About Dr. Scottsdale

For men looking for a minimally invasive option to enlarge their genitals, Dr. Carlos Mata at Natural Results Plastic Surgery offers a great solution. At Natural Results Plastic Surgery, we offer FDA-approved penile injectable fillers that are effective, safe, and require little to no downtime after the procedure.

Penile Augmentation Using Dermal Fillers

This is a minimally invasive procedure meant to increase the girth and length of a penis. This procedure can also increase the size of a flaccid penis. During the procedure, your team at Natural Results Plastic Surgery will inject the dermal filler into the penis. This is in contrast to penile augmentation through fat transfer, which comes with serious risks.

Why Men Choose Penile Injectable Fillers

Girth is important to many men. Penile enhancement injections can have a huge effect on penis width and girth. According to studies conducted at the University of Texas, about 90 percent of men prefer an increase in penile girth over an increase in its length.

How Penile Injectable Fillers Work

Usually composed of hyaluronic acid, these injectable fillers work pretty much in the way facial fillers work. Essentially, they provide volume where the patient most needs it. Penile augmentation using injectable fillers can deliver a boost in confidence. These make the men feel more comfortable in their skin.

Are Results Permanent?

The results of penile enhancement using injectable fillers depend on the type of filler used, the patient body, and on the frequency of intercourse. Meaning the more an individual has intercourse, the faster the filler will go away. With regular dermal fillers, the results usually last between 6 months to two years. Afterward, you may need some maintenance sessions. Most patients report up to a 20 percent increase in girth and length, in addition to greater sexual satisfaction for both partners.


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